Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009


Sujomi (SuzyH) told me, she´s having problems when she follows the links on her sidebar ... but if she clicks from her blogger dashboard, she don't has the issue.

Maybe some of you also note this and could crack the problem in this way.

Good luck!


gabs hat gesagt…

oh mann, ich sags ja... ich hatte noch nie probs mit wordpress und ich würde sagen, ein versuch wäre es doch wert? hier ist die deutsche seite

Dot O hat gesagt…

I have had no problems (so far) getting here via my sidebar. I have had other problems at other times but so far not this time.

I hope I stay problem free so I can visit all of my blogging friends!

Mari hat gesagt…

Sorry you are still having trouble. I've been using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and have had no more troubles.

takinu hat gesagt…

Wordpress and firefox. Should we change? I´m afraid it still.