Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

365/177 + 365/178


SATURDAY 27-06-09 DAY 178

Ready to start

My elder son is waiting for the start of 200m freestyle. It was his 5th. and last start.

He started for 100m freestyle (his result, 200m breast (, 100m backstroke ( , 100m butterfly ( and at last 200m freestyle (

The weather wasn´t really nice. Quite windy, sticky, sometimes with rain and scarce sunny.

My younger son wasn´t allowed to start in fact of his earache. Although he is feeling well again.

After the competition we stopped at B*urgerK*ing as a small reward.

CU tomorrow with a troublesome new story of my car.....

FRIDAY 26-06-09 DAY 177

Yummy chocolate strawberries and bananas from the buffet in school

Today was the farewell party in my younger son´s school. A balladeer for children sang with the kids and they had much fun.

Because my son was free of fever, I allowed him to visit "his" party, however with a cap for protecting his ears. Not even funny at about sunny 21°C, but a must-do!

Not until after the party a thunderstorm approached. And it was raining the whole night.


gabs hat gesagt…

wow - das hat er klasse gemacht! und auf diese erdbeeren und bananen hätt ich ja jetzt ne riesenlust... bin mal gespannt, was schon wieder mit eurem auto ist. mensch, du arme! einen schönen samstag abend für dich!

Kerri hat gesagt…

Die Erdbeern sehen soooo lecker aus, ich glaub, wenn unsere endlich reif sind (falls sie es je werden) werde ich die genauso zubereiten und essen. Yummy!

Ich bin froh, daß es deinem kleinen besser geht, und auch daß du hart geblieben bist, und ihn nicht hast schwimmen lassen. Wir haben ja dem Arzt im April nicht glauben wollen, und Robert hatte dann einen Rückfall, nicht gut!

Das mit deinem Auto klingt gar nicht gut, ich hoffe die geschichten sind bald vorbei!
Schönen Sonntag morgen
Liebe Grüße

girlie hat gesagt…

nice picture of your son waiting at the starting line. i will try to convince my eldest to learn how to swim.
those chocolate coated strawberries and bananas are absolutely mouth-watering....yummmy!!
i hope your younger son gets better and also your car...happy weekend!!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

love the photos, especially the strawberries

Dot O hat gesagt…

Glad your younger son is feeling better. Congratulations to your older son - that's wonderful - I think we may be seeing a future Olympian!

I love the fruit and chocolate!!! I think I may have to chocolate dip our strawberries tonight!!!!

tconlan hat gesagt…

Sorry your son still has his earache, it's nice that he was able to go to his party though! gorgeous photo!

sara hat gesagt…

those strawberries and bananas look so good!!! yum!

magelan hat gesagt…

Freut mich, dass die Ohrenschmerzen besser sind! He und dein Sohn ist echt gut plaziert *gratuliere*

Erdbeeren sehen lecker aus, gut kann ich keins nehmen ;-)

Julia hat gesagt…

yammi... die Erdbeeren sind ja lecker. Schickste mir welche.

Gratuliere deinem Sohn zu den Erfolgen.

takinu hat gesagt…

Congratulations for your older son, to the successful swimming competition.
I rather like strawberries without chocolate. But it looks delicious.
Wish you a nice sunday.

Schlapper hat gesagt…

Ich hätte auch gern was von den Erdbeeren ab, die sehen einfach zu lecker aus.
Auch von mir herzliche Glückwünsche für deinen Sohn für diese tollen Leistungen. Klasse!!
Einen schönen restlichen Sonntag für dich und deine Family
Knuddel dich Lg Schlapper

Anonym hat gesagt…

yami yami yami fantastic photo with strawberries and chocolate. I love them both :D I am glad to hear that your younger son feels much better and big congrats for your elder son!!! It is soooo amazing what he has done :)


Unknown hat gesagt…

I am glad your younger son is doing better, and love the pic of your older son, a wonderful photo! Yum, the strawberries and bananas are making me hungry!!! :)

We had very heavy storms last night, so it has cooled our temps down to the 90s today. Not too cool, but better than over 100!! I will take them. Hope your weather is better today.

Sandra hat gesagt…

Jummie, the strawberrys and bananes looks great!!!

Erika hat gesagt…

Mmm, yummy strawberries! Looks delicious.

Great picture of your son at the swimming event!

Susan hat gesagt…

What a wonderful celebration at your son's school with such beautiful and delicious treats. I'm glad that he could go and enjoy it.

listgirl hat gesagt…

The chocolate covered strawberries and bananas looked so yummy! Love that photo of your older son getting ready to swim.

Unknown hat gesagt…

congratulations on your elder sons achievements thats absolutely awesome :)

The strawberrys and bananas chocolate dipped can definitely come to my house - love them!