Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


Girls, I´m back from my trip to....!! Did you guessed where I went to?

I got to know Sammy. Here he enjoys to get stroked by three.

You should know I´m allergic to cats - but Sammy casted a spell over me.

I also got to know these two beautiful children - do you spot who they are?

These are Richard and Robert and it was wonderful to see them playing together. They are really good boys, friendly and so happily.

Robert working in the garden

And this is cutie Richard - he made me smile a hundred times this day - and reminded me at my own little cutie.

Now I´m sure, you know where I was!?

Yes, I visited my dear webfriend Kerri and it was a fantastic day.

She gave me a warm welcome and I felt me directly comfortable. We had a nice time together.

It was a special moment for me, as we picked up the kids at kindergarden and one of them asked Kerri if this "Lady" (yeah he meant me!!!) want to come along.

We went out for lunch to a fantastic restaurant with a great playground for the children. After eating and playing there, we spend some time in Kerri´s garden. It´s a paradise and I loved being there.

Time flies - sadly and I had to go home again! I think we went very well together (did we Kerri?) so I´m sure we´ll meet us again!!

I enjoyed this day today so much!! Thanks Kerri, Richard and Robert for such a fantastic day.

Now girls it´s late and I have to go to bed. Good night to you all outside in blogger land

Today we had wonderful warm and sunny weather with about 28° C degrees

CU tomorrow


sara hat gesagt…

it is so fun to meet friends from the blogging world!!

I am glad you had such a great time. those boys are adorable!!!

Mari hat gesagt…

What fun! I'm glad you were able to see your friend and enjoy the cat and the kids!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Oh das klingt nach einem rundum gelungenen Tag, super!

Klasse Fotos auch .. Sammy ist ja süß!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

huhuuu :))) oh, das klingt wundervoll - Ihr hattet eine ganz tolle Zeit zusammen. Die Kids schauen einfach lieb aus - und die "Fellnase" genießt es, gekrault zu werden :)))

Ich wünsch dir ganz viele schöne und positiv-erfüllte Tage und schicke dir viele liebe Grüsse .. bis bald *winke

girlie hat gesagt…

nice to hear that you had a great time!! i hope someday i get to meet a webfriend... like maybe you!!hehehe
those kids are so cute!!!
have a great weekend ahead!!

magelan hat gesagt…

Ja das ist schön, wenn ein Treffen auch so gelingt! Süsse Bilder der Jungs hast du da mitgebracht!

Kerri hat gesagt…

hihi, thanks for visiting me! It was a GREAT great day!
Und tolle bilder hast du gemacht, danke dir dafür! Die Jungs spielen heute wieder mit den tollen Autos, und mein Glas ist frisch gespült und wartet auf meinen Apfelsaft!
Liebe Grüße

takinu hat gesagt…

It´s beautiful to read, that you had a wonderful day with Kerry and her boys. Hope, one day, we will meet us too. Have a nice weekend. Takinu

Anonym hat gesagt…

Kerri had a fantastic day, I think I have lived through it with her from the minute you arrived until you left. Its great to meet new friends

Julia hat gesagt…

oh in Stuttgart... da hätte ich ja mal feste winken müssen.

Schön, dass ihr so ne tolle Zeit zusammen hattet.

Erika hat gesagt…

Sounds like a wonderful day! The boys are adorable, and as a cat-lover I have to say that Sammy is too. So nice to meet up with a web-friend!

Bretta hat gesagt…

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL day! Great photos :o)

Unknown hat gesagt…

Ja, das klingt wirklich nach einen so schönen Tag!

Tracy hat gesagt…

how wonderful! What an awesome treat to meet a webfriend! Fantastic photos!

gabs hat gesagt…

wow, das find ich ja toll, dass ihr euch getroffen habt. zu schade, dass es kein bild von euch beiden gibt. aber die bilder der jungs und der maunz sind genial.

listgirl hat gesagt…

How exciting that you got to meet with your web friend! Her boys are adorable! And so is Sammy.