Sonntag, 16. August 2009


Another wonderful summer day with 30°C degrees in the late afternoon.

Fresh baked rolls from the bakery.... yummy..... for breakfast

In the morning I had made another bike ride with my elder son and in the afternoon he played a little bit with his playstation... certainly it was a scater game... LOL ... we had lent it in a video store.

Later we picked up my younger son by his grandparents, because they are leaving the next days for holiday at the Lago Maggiore

The picture of today shows you my younger son in his grandparents´ pool.

CU tomorrow


Anonym hat gesagt…

wwooowww grandparents have got a swimming pool...woowww I wish, I could have one...Specially now when it is so hot outside :D. Maybe I will come to you ;) hehehehehe

big hugs

Susan hat gesagt…

The pool must be so wonderful. This is a great shot of your son, love how the water looks. Enjoy the rest of summer.

Julia hat gesagt…

so ne Abkühlung ist doch das Beste bei dem Wetter. Toller Schnappschuss

Eine schöne stressfreie Woche.

gabs hat gesagt…

wow, so einen pool haben die grosseltern? kein wunder, dass die beiden so tolle schwimmer sind - super genial und so ist auch dein bild.

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

great action shot

sara hat gesagt…

fresh baked rolls from the bakery!!! yum!!! I wish I had a bakery close by!

Erika hat gesagt…

Wow, you really have got summer now, 30C is impressive! Great action picture. =)

listgirl hat gesagt…

Wow, that's a big pool! Hope he had a lot of fun visiting the grandparents!

takinu hat gesagt…

Wow, what for a big pool! Great! Wonderful shot. Hugs. Takinu