Dienstag, 25. August 2009

365/236 + 365/237

Hi girls! I´m back from Stuttgart and I had a wonderful time there!!! Sure, not good for Weight Watchers (LOL) but for my soul.

I was in lucky with the motorways - no traffic jam despite many construction areas!

Tuesday 25.08.2009 Day 237

Sunflower nearby my first flat

In the early morning we had a thunderstorm with a heavy downpour. So later it was overcast and very sticky again. Not good for my headache, I´m having since yesterday evening... no, not because of alcohol (I drunk only water and diet coke), but infact of the stickiness I think.

Before I drove home, I visited the cemetery and the grave of my parents. Instead of flowers I left a little colorful windmill with her names and the name of my daughter. My daughter isn´t buried there, but nevertheless it is a place for me to remember and to grieve.

And that´s why I love sunflowers so much... these are the flowers my daughter got on her funeral. So I love them in remembrance of her.

CU tomorrow evening, after work - or at a later time. Because we´ll meet a good friend of us and we´ll having dinner - together. Don´t know if I´ll have time to step in between.

Monday 24.08.2009 Day 236

The new castle

Fantastic weather!! Hot (sure way above 30°C), sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately it was very very sticky in town.

I made many pictures of different childhood memories... school, ice cream shop, first flat and so on... nothing important for you, but for me and my memories.

And I had a wonderful time with my witness. She is for me, like a mother (she is over 70). She pampered me, made lunch, before I started my photo session and in the evening she invited me in a restaurant. We were chattering until 1:00 am ... girls, I´m so tired..

Sara asked me what a witness is... she was the person who attended me at my marriage ceremony. In Germany (until July 1998) 2 persons were needed to witness a marriage.


takinu hat gesagt…

It really sounds great for a time in Stuttgart.
Certainly it is exciting to return to the place of his childhood in a long time.
Nice that you could once you relax and recuperate.

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

what a beautiful sunflower and awesome castle

Mari hat gesagt…

I love sunflowers too, but you have a special reason for it. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your friend!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Klingt nach einer super Zeit die Du da verbracht hast. Das freut mich sehr für Dich.

Schön, daß Deine Trauzeugin Dich so verwöhnt hat, das brauchst Du bestimmt auch mal !

Anonym hat gesagt…

Huhuuu :))

super, daß du eine so gute Zeit in Stuttgart hattest (oh ja, heiss war's die Tage, und da im "Kessel" ja noch mehr ..)

Wunderschön, die Sonnenblume .. und eine ganz besondere Bedeutung für dich .. Gut, daß du Gelegenheit hattest, das Grab aufzusuchen ..

Das Schloss - oh ja, ein vertrauter Anblick :) danke dir fürs Zeigen .. und schön, daß du einige Orte der Erinnerung im Bild festhalten konntest, und eine so nette Zeit mit deiner Trauzeugin hattest.

Braucht man heutzutage keine Trauzeugen mehr?

wir hatten (1994) auch noch zwei ..

Viele liebe Grüsse an dich :))))

girlie hat gesagt…

beautiful shot!! i have to admit i miss visiting your blog and one of these days i will try to look back to your past posts.
sorry for being gone for the longest time... we were on vacation in the philippines.. and my dad passed away. i will post more in my blog and i hope i get you updated.

Unknown hat gesagt…

So glad you were able to meet up with friends, and visit places of special meaning for you.

So sorry for your loss - hugs

gabs hat gesagt…

ach wie schön, dass du deine erinnerungen fotografieren konntest und das man sich um dich gesorgt hat. das tat dir und deiner seele bestimmt mal so richtig gut!
ich knuddel dich mal (((o)))

Erika hat gesagt…

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad to hear that you've had a nice time in Stutttgart visiting old friends and memories.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Sehr schön Impresseionen von deinen Erinnerungen... die Sonnenblume ist auch was ganz besonderes!

listgirl hat gesagt…

What a beautiful sunflower. Even though it's sad, I liked reading about why you love sunflowers so much.

I get headaches when it's humid and sticky too!

Tracy hat gesagt…

You touch my heart with your beautiful words, I am sorry that you lost your daughter. Now when I see a sunflower I will think of you ((HUGS))