Sonntag, 9. August 2009


9,7 kg less after 8 weeks with WW

Today I slept until 7.45 am - wonderful -

Last day of the skater basic course. In the night it has rained so the pipes were still a little bit wet for the first hour. No sun, but it was very sticky. Despite the black clouds, there was no rain again.

Lucky children.

The pipes may also be used with BMX bikes. And my son tested one - and as may be imagined - he had much fun! He'd love nothing better than to buy a bike itself. But that´s too expensive and it isn´t good to juggle too many balls at once.

After the skater course we visited a funfair - and as you can see - still more sport for my son.

In the meantime the sun had begun to shine!

Hope you all had also a great Sunday!

CU tomorrow!


Kerri hat gesagt…

Whoooaaaa! Da wird mir ja beim gucken Schwindlig! Hut ab für dein Sohn!
Auch der Sprung auf dem Skateboard, total cool!
Klingt nach einem tollen Wochenende bei Euch.Liebe Grüße

Julia hat gesagt…

super sportliche Kinder hast du... tolle Bilder. Das BMX-Bild ist mein Favorit.

Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir.

Erika hat gesagt…

Great action pictures, both of them! What is the pic from day 221? It looks like the trampoline-thingy our Linus tried out during our vacation. Anyway it looks like a lot of fun. =)

Jarila hat gesagt…

Great shots, the second one looks fun!

gabs hat gesagt…

oh wow - deine kids sind echt ohne ende sportlich. haben sie das von dir? tolle, tolle aufnahmen!

Stacey hat gesagt…

WOW!! Very awesome shots - great job! I've been on vacation, so need to catch up with your pics! :D

Fabella hat gesagt…

Da habt Ihr ja wirklich Glück gehabt mit dem Wetter, klasse!

Das zweite Foto find ich hammer-stark, echt genial geworden!

takinu hat gesagt…

We had fantastic weekend-weather. Last time on the beach. Today the school began again. Wish you a great week. When you have vacation and must not go to the work?

Sujomi hat gesagt…

Wow - your kiddos sure are bundles of motion! Great job capturing them!

listgirl hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your weight loss! That's a great achievement! Looked like your son had so much fun!

Unknown hat gesagt…

wow.. der actionreiche Bilder!

Anonym hat gesagt…

:) :) wirklich super - sportlich, deine Kids. Klasse :) :)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum weiteren WW-Erfolg!


Susan hat gesagt…

I can only say WOW! That looks fantastically scary!