Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

365/216 + 365/217

Wednesday 05.08.2009 Day 217

Last day of the soccer camp and all children got a participation cup.

The camp was a complete success for my elder son. He was one of the best in his age group and he was selected for a further camp. In the next camp he´ll get the chance to win a trial training in a German Bundesliga club.

I know he won´t win - he is good indeed, but not good enough for a Bundesliga club. But it is a feat to get the chance!! We all are very proud of him.

In the evening the boys and their father made another bike ride.

CU tomorrow

Tuesday 04.08.2009 Day 216

The day started misty

My boys had their second day in the soccer camp. And I enjoyed a back massage by the Asian physiotherapist. Because the handsame one has holiday.

It was a nice and sunny day.

In the late afternoon - after soccer, my elder son had a appointment at the hairdresser and then the whole family made a bike ride.


Fabella hat gesagt…

Ui, ja da könnt Ihr auch stolz drauf sein finde ich. Ist ne super Ehre finde ich.

Toller Pokal auch, der sieht mal richtig schön aus.

Dein Foto von dem Nebel find ich ja genialst! Super!

sara hat gesagt…

congrats to your son!!! What an opportunity for him and a confidence builder!!!

Love the 2nd photo!

Julia hat gesagt…

wow, das Feldbild ist ja der Hammer. Genial.

Der Pokal ist ja süß.

takinu hat gesagt…

Rebukes you can be proud of. Both sons.

Dot O hat gesagt…

Beautiful photo! So nice that you do family bike rides together. I've been wanting to ride but I think my bike may be a bit too old.

I think the massage would have been much better from the HPT (Handsome Physical Therapist) but I'm glad it was good!

Dot O hat gesagt…

Oh, and congratulations to your son for his outstanding work at camp!! That is such an honor.

gabs hat gesagt…

uiii, da wär ich aber auch stolz. und wer weiss, vielleicht entdecken die dort soviel talent, das sie ganz anders fördern können, als unser eins. ich drück jedenfalls die daumen!
zu schade, dass mr. handsome urlaub hat LOL
habt nen schönen abend,

Michelle hat gesagt…

Congrats to your son for doing so well at his soccer camp.

That shot of the field is gorgeous!

Mari hat gesagt…

Congrats to your son!
I love the misty shot - it's just beautiful!

Lucy Corrander hat gesagt…

The statuette of the boy footballer suggests real movement. I hope your son gets a lot out of his next course . . . and I expect you secretly hope he really does manage to go a stage after that too?

The harvested field is a wonderful photo.


listgirl hat gesagt…

You must be so proud of your older son about the soccer success! The trophy is great! And the misty photo is very cool, I love seeing it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hello, it is so nice to come to your blog and see your beautiful photos. Big congrats to your son!! And this statuette looks really fantastic.Big hugs from me. Marta

magelan hat gesagt…

Wow ist das ein super geniales stimmungs Bild! Toll, da habt ihr allen Grund stolz zu sein auf euren Spross! Vor allem auch auf die Leistung von so intensiven Trainings, der Einsatz und die Freude daran!

Tracy hat gesagt…

wow what an amazing photo... so mysterious.

AlaskaMoffitts hat gesagt…

Love your picture of the clouds! It has a very omminous feeling to it!

Susan hat gesagt…

What a lovely mystical picture. I love the layers from the trees to the mists to the field. Beautiful

Erika hat gesagt…

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your son, a Bundesliga trial training is a great price!

Lovely picture of the misty fields!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Another misty photo! I love both of your misty mornings. Mornings provide so many wonderful opportunities for fantastic photos, don't they? It's a shame that it's hard for me to get up early on the weekend to enjoy them properly. :)