Samstag, 29. August 2009

365/240 + 365/241

Saturday 29.08.2009 Day 241

Bag I bought Tuesday in Stuttgart

Fall is just around the corner!

I saw many signs the last days. At the beginning of the week, on my way to Stuttgart, I spotted the first colored leaves on the trees and I found the first chestnut of this year. Already more colored leaves on my way to Kerri. I love the colorful trees - it´s so beautiful in my eyes.

At home again I saw the first leaves falling.

It has cooled down as they had announced. In the morning we enjoyed a café latte in a sidewalk café. I wore my hoodie sweater jacket - because of the strong and cool wind.

Nevertheless sitting outside was beautiful. And we`ll take all chances the next days before they´ll wrap the chairs.

After the café latte, we had a walk through our town and over the market. We bought many fresh fruits... yummy.

Today we had only 22°C degrees and a strong and cool wind during the whole day. So my laundry on the balcony dried quickly.

Tomorrow the boys are coming back from their camp.


Friday 28.08.2009 Day 240

It´s me or rather my shadow

After work my husband and I went to town! Enjoying the sun and having a soft drink.

At our garage I spotted my shadow and thought - the light is very becoming to me - When elsewhere I´ll have such tall legs... LOL ... so I took a shot.

Today we had 25° C degrees but first in the late afternoon. Before then it was coolish!


Erika hat gesagt…

The shadow-pic is so cool! I'll have to remember that one. That is also a sign of the upcoming fall, the longer shadows. We see it here too, the nights are not as light as earlier. And even if we get a sunny day it is not that warm, even though we sat outside at the pub the whole evening the other night.

Julia hat gesagt…

die Tasche schaut toll aus und das Schattenbild ist ja mal genial

sara hat gesagt…

love the picture of your shadow!!!

I bet you are ready to see your boys!!! Can't wait to hear how their time at camp went!

magelan hat gesagt…

Na wenn du wirklich so lange Beine hättest, müsstest du immer Masshosen haben *lach* cooles Bild!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Solche Taschen finde ich auch super, gerade heute lief mir in der Frankfurter City eine Dame über den Weg, die eine solche mit "Barcelona" über der Schulter hängen hatte. Cool!

Sicher freust du dich schon auf deine Jungs - ich wünsche euch einen schönen gemeinsamen „ersten” Tag mit ganz vielen Erzählungen.

Liebe Grüße und einen tollen Sonntag,


kirstiegai hat gesagt…

love your shadow photo. I also just noticed the trees at my local Mall are starting to blossom. Bring on spring!

Mari hat gesagt…

I'm not ready for fall either! Nice shadow shot!

Fabella hat gesagt…

Boh die Tasche ist ja genial .. die würde mir auch gefallen ... allerdings nicht mit Stuttgart drauf ;)

Dein Schattenbild find ich auch wieder klasse! Macht aber seeehrrr schlank, oder es liegt an ww .. oder an beidem? ;)

Bretta hat gesagt…

Haha! Love your "tall legs" picture. What a great idea for a photo. I may have to steal that one someday...but only if it makes me look tall AND skinny :o)

I have a new bag my brother brought me from Hawaii, so maybe I'll steal that idea too LOL

Great pics, as always!

Kim hat gesagt…

So happy you've joined us for Project 365! I really enjoy finding friends all over the world :-) You take amazing photos. Especially liked this shadow photo and the sunflower one -- I love sunflowers also. But ALL your photos are great. Thanks for sharing!

takinu hat gesagt…

Great idea your shadow photo. The bag I also like.
Yes, Angelica, my husband has birthday.
I stay there, but unfortunately I can´t so often read or comment. I continue to hope for your understanding.

Jarila hat gesagt…

Great shadow pic!!

About your question.
Lightroom is from adobe, its very expensive, up to 300 euro's
I have a free try version.

gabs hat gesagt…

die tasche ist ja mal genial und dein schattenbild echt der hammer. auf die idee muss man erstmal kommen! ja, der herbst nähert sich in leisen schritten. irgendwie freu ich mich drauf.

listgirl hat gesagt…

I love that shadow shot! I'm a short person and I wish that my legs look that long too!