Samstag, 8. August 2009

365/218 + 365/219 + 365/220

Saturday 08.08.2009 Day 220

Quiet in the morning - rare and wonderful - so I could sleep until 7 am - that´s better than normally 5.30 am.

My elder son and I were preparing breakfast and we went together to the bakery for fresh baked rolls.

Than it was time for a 2 days skater basic course for my son. Out there it was 31° C degrees hot and no shadow.... but he had much fun.

After the grocery shopping I went also to the skater park and spent my time there - and watching all the lucky children.

At the end of the day my son was very thirsty, hungry, tired and above all - dirty.

While I was blogging this he was allowed to watch TV... now I´m off to put him to bed.

CU tomorrow

Friday 07.08.2009 Day 219

Apple tree on another misty morning on my way to work.

After work I picked up my elder son at his grandparents and later his father went with him to the open-air bath.... certainly this wasn´t good for his cold ... but who´ll ask a mother?

So in the night he was coughing and sneezing.

My younger son has decided to remain with his grandparents for about 10 days!!! He loves being there.

They are having a big garden, a swimming bath, a tree house, a workshop with many tools and own vegetables and endless love for him. The grandfather is making homemade bread and noodles. And my son loves to go to church with his grandmother.

Lucky boy!

Today was a fantastic sunny summer day with 29° C degrees.

Thursday 06.08.2009 Day 218

Black Thursday... no comments thereto

I brought my children to the grandparents for having fun and a overnight stay.

In the afternoon I visited my best friend for a short cup of café latte. Unfortunately she was packing the bags for vacation in France and had not much time - but nevertheless a sympathetic ear for me.

We had wonderful warm and sunny weather.


Susan hat gesagt…

Wonderful picture of the skateboard action! How colorful.

The grandparents' home sounds like a storybook-a flashback to the good old days. How nice for your son to get to go there for a stay.

Love the blue flowers against the sky--still a sign of summer.

Julia hat gesagt…

Deine Bilder sind wieder super genial. Das Bodennebel-Bild ist super.

auch das mit dem Skateboard, genau im richtigen Moment abgedrückt.

Tolle Fotos.

magelan hat gesagt…

Ich hoffe dein schwarzer Donnerstag hat sich nicht weiter ausgewirkt. Ja so Grosseltern sind doch gold wert! Schön dass sich dein Sohn so wohl fühlt bei ihnen. Das Bodennebelbild ist wirklich gut - nur leider kündet es uns langsam den Herbst an. Wünsche deinem anderen Sohn noch einen tollen, erfolgreichen und unfallfreien Sonntag!

kirstiegai hat gesagt…

fantastic skateboard shot

gabs hat gesagt…

mann, was wünschte ich mir solche grosseltern für meine kids! hoffe, es war nur der donnerstag und jetzt ist es wieder besser? das skateboard bild ist der bringer!
hab ein schönes wochenende,

Sujomi hat gesagt…

That is a wonderful skateboard shot! The apple tree looks lovely in the morning air as well.

I hope that your friend's ear helped you through your Black Thursday. I've been keeping you in my thoughts since your comment about the balloons in the sky. (((hugs)))

Mari hat gesagt…

The skateboard shot is great! I also love the misty morning and the lavender.

Tracey hat gesagt…

I love your photos, every one of them! You are very talented in finding the perfect shot. What a wonderful experience for your son to be able to spend time with his grandparents!

In your comment on my blog, you asked why I homeschooled. The majority of kids in the US get their education from public schools (offered by the government), the next largest group go to private schools (may be religion based, or not), and the smallest group is homeschooled. My husband and I homeschool because when our oldest was going into 1st grade, we prayed and asked God what He wanted for her education. God answered our prayers with homeschooling.

Homeschooling is a lot of work, but all moms are busy, right? :D The benefits for our family are more time together, an education designed for the child, and one-on-one tutoring.

The 'not so great' part about homeschooling is that when my children's test results aren't so great, I can't blame the teacher! :D

Thanks for asking..Have a great week!

sara hat gesagt…

oh the skate board shot is great!!! You should blow that up for your son's room!!!

I loved when my children were able to spend extended time with their grandparents!!! those memories are never forgotten!!

I can almost smell the lavender through the picture!

Jarila hat gesagt…

The first is a great one!!

Erika hat gesagt…

Lovely pictures! The purple flowers and the misty tree are beautiful, and you got a great shot of the skateboard.

Fabella hat gesagt…

Wow, das erste Foto schaut super aus, klasse, wie Du das im Flug festgehalten hast!

Wunderschön sieht das aus, wie die Nebelbank da über der Wiese liegt.

Dein Kleiner kann sich ja glücklich schätzen, 10 Tage Urlaub bei den Großeltern, wie klasse!

Und auch Dein Blumenbildchen ist wieder total schön geworden!

takinu hat gesagt…

10 days without your son. But you have two boys, so you are not allone. My girl came back on Saturday. 2 long weeks without my little girl.

listgirl hat gesagt…

I really like the skateboarding photo with your son's feet off them. The misty morning was a great photo too. That's really great that your younger son has such a good relationship with his grandparents.

Unknown hat gesagt…

I love all 3 photos here... the action shot of the skateboard is just awesome, the misty morning is so serene and beautiful and the lavender is just gorgeous!!